Green Star Certification


The Green-Star program provides the industry with a framework that focuses on the unique characteristics of Ready-Mix Concrete. It serves to fill the gap between the concrete industry’s efforts and Environmental Management System (EMS)-based certification programs. Green-Star is not intended to replace these, but it can serve as a concrete-specific alternative. The program utilizes a company’s existing EMS based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act model of continuous improvement and recognizes facilities with an EMS.


While it is not meant to take the place of such programs, it can serve as an effective alternative to these programs due to its enhanced accessibility to the concrete industry.

The Green-Star Program utilizes a company’s existing EMS based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act model of continual improvement.

The Green-Star Program will recognize those facilities with an Environmental Management System. Some potential Green-Star benefits include:

Favored Status – Customers favor doing business with organizations that are known to be protective of the environment.

Increased Profits – Organizations will attain savings through its efforts in pollution prevention and waste reduction.

Improved Efficiency – Sound, consistent environmental management methods will improve profits.

Community Goodwill – An Organizations stand on environmental policy and action may be the most important factor in achieving and maintaining the community’s goodwill.

Reduction of Liability and Risk – An Organization is less apt to have environmental problems by using a pro-active EMS that documents results and has continual improvement.

The NRMCA encourages all companies to take a closer look at the Green-Star Program and its existing Environmental Management System and start the process of becoming Green-Star Certified.

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