Sustainable Concrete Plant


Introduction: As interest in sustainable development grows, the ready mixed concrete industry must be able to support sustainable development, balancing economic prosperity, social equity, and environmental responsibility.


Moving towards a sustainable, environmentally conscious production model not only reduces environmental burdens, but also increases efficiency and places ready mixed concrete plants in a position of industry leadership in the growing green movement. When effectively communicated to consumers, a progressive stance on sustainability will allow the concrete industry and its constituents to remain responsibly competitive.

The NRMCA Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification (Certification) program provides a quantitative, performance-based metric, to allow ready mixed concrete producers to demonstrate excellence in sustainable development. The Certification provides ready mixed concrete plant personnel with specific guidance to assess their production practices and implement sustainability strategies that will ultimately lower their overall footprint.

To certify, plant personnel use the Sustainable Concrete Plant Guidelines (Guidelines) to rate a plant’s level of sustainability within different credit categories. Plants can achieve between 0 and 100 points depending on how many sustainability credits are achieved and their level of performance within each credit. The Guidelines were developed through generous funding from the RMC Research & Education Foundation. The development process was managed by NRMCA.

How To Certify:

Plant personnel use the Guidelines to assess their plant and collect documentation for those credits for which they are claiming points and submit the documentation to NRMCA along with appropriate application forms and fees. NRMCA sends the application and documentation to a third-party auditor who reviews the application and documentation to determine if the plant meets the criteria described in the Guidelines for all the points being claimed by the plant. If the plant meets the Certification criteria NRMCA awards the plant with the appropriate NRMCA Sustainable Concrete Plant Certification level:

Bronze: 30-49 points
Silver: 50-69 points
Gold: 70-89 points
Platinum: 90-100 points

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