Hydronix Instruments

We are an authorized reseller of Hydronix products. These are microwave sensors and other systems that enable the measurement and control of moisture content and ambient temperature in different conditions.


Hydro-Probe: These sensors are designed for use on conveyor belts and in aggregate bins. They are suitable for sand, stone, reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) and other aggregates.Hydro-Mix: These sensors are designed for use in mixers and conveyors. They are suitable for concrete, sand, stone and other aggregates.

Hydro-View: This is a touch-screen to display, calibrate, configure and run diagnostics for up to 16 Hydronix sensors.

Hydro-Control: This is a touch-screen water control system that can be connected to Hydro-Probe or Hydro-Mix sensors to continuously monitor, display, and adjust the moisture levels of the material throughout the mix cycle.

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